Workarounds for IE 8 and Ext JS

For the last couple days I ran into JavaScript errors with toolbars for Ext JS. One of the issues is clearly documented here. I just added hideMode:’offsets’ to the toolbar definition and the error went away. The other one, I had to add enableOverflow: false option to the toolbar to avoid hitting Object required error […]

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Enabling use of “defaultValue” with JSON data source for Ext JS

I have a JSON response that has data in a nested object within a data entry. Mapping and reading the nested data is easy and straightforward. The interesting part is that the nested object is optional and therefore may not exist in the response sometimes. Unfortunately, JsonReader can’t handle this and would throw a silent […]

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A workaround for using Ext.ux.CardPanel

I ran into a bug in Ext.ux.CardPanel today. Within a CardPanel object, I included a GridPanel. I could not set the title of GridPanel no matter what I tried. I used the title configuration option and called setTitle public method. The title would not show up. To work around this issue, I had to enclose […]

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