Notes from Couchbase Day

I had an opportunity to attend Couchbase Day to learn about the product. I’ve included my notes below, link to the presentation slides and other resources. Fail Over If a machine was power off by mistake and bought backup and able to read, it will require lighter weight recovery.┬áThis feature is in 3.x Can configure […]

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Using Subversion externals for files

I needed to use Subversion externals property to define a reference to a file. Based on this blog, here are my notes: Let’s say that you want to have Subversion to use the following file from another directory: And have the file download into the following file in your project: myproject/lib/thelib.jar You should have […]

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Web development reference material

Here are some useful cheat sheets for web developers Advertisements

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Tagcloud widget

Thanks to Jonathan L. for the suggestion to check out this tagcloud widget. It’s interesting that someone would write a widget for this. I wrote a basic tag cloud before with simple scaling arithmetic to render tags in different font sizes. This widget adds a few more features. The extra features also add significant weight […]

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