Migrate a folder from one Subversion server to another

I needed to migrate a folder from one Subversion server to another. So, I attempted to follow this page to use dump with svndumpfilter. This combo led me to a lot of issues. The dump command exports all the commits for a repository while svndumpfilter attempts to filter the folder I am interested to keep. Unfortunately, […]


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After setting up an instance of SVN using the instructions I found here. I wanted to setup email notification for every commit on a SVN server. I was able to setup SVN::Notify using the tutorial on this page. When attempting to run perl -MCPAN -e ‘install SVN::Notify’, the install command complained that MakeMaker version is […]

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Using svn merge

I wanted to merge one revision I made in the trunk into one of the branches. So, I used Subversion’s svn merge command to accomplish this. Thanks to Ray M. for explained the Subversion merge command to me. Here are my notes: Before I start, I identified the following information: The target revision number in […]

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