cross-domain iframe communication

This post is very helpful for me to send small bits of information across iframes. However, this creates a new challenge with history manager that uses the same mechanism to store page state. Whenever an iframe uses fragment identifiers to send a message across iframes, the page state for the target iframe is wiped out. […]

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Sort case insensitively

It’s interesting to find a minor difference on how Ext JS’ store handles case sorting. If you want to sort case sensitively, then remove the type property definition below, else add it in. Here is an example: {name: ‘field name’, type:’string’}, Thanks to this thread for the trick.

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Extending Ext JS

The technique used in the fix I referenced in one of my previous posts is very useful. I used the same override function to change the Ext JS library without editing the actual library itself. For example, I used this technique to override Ext.form.ComboBox.getParams() function to use a different parameter name for limit.

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Textfield scrollaway

Special thanks to FlexIDX for the suggestion on this thread. Before, the text fields on a form panel would separate when scrolling. After specified position:relative; on text fields’ style property fixed the scrolling issue. However, the cursor disappeared on FireFox 2.x. Fortunately, this new issue is isolated on Firefox 2.x only. 😉

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