jslint plusplus

Today, my coworker asked why he can’t use ++ operators. I responded that jslint’s plusplus configuration ban it. He certainly was annoyed by such change in the configuration. A quick look into the reasoning behind the ban reveals the following statement from Douglas Crockford’s JSLint – JavaScript: The Good Parts: The ++ (increment) and — […]

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Workarounds for IE 8 and Ext JS

For the last couple days I ran into JavaScript errors with toolbars for Ext JS. One of the issues is clearly documented here. I just added hideMode:’offsets’ to the toolbar definition and the error went away. The other one, I had to add enableOverflow: false option to the toolbar to avoid hitting Object required error […]

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JSLint – set exception options

I worked with JSLint today to clean up my local code. While cleaning, I encountered a parameter name that had underscore in its name. JSLint didn’t like this and complained. Since this parameter name was used to communicate with the server and could not be changed, I needed to set an exception in the JavaScript […]

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Buggy FireBug

I have a page with Javascript loaded from different directories. For one reason, the Javascripts source loaded from one of the directories did not display. This means I could not use the debugger to insert break points directly. The Firbug version was 1.3.3. Initially, I was able to get the source code to show after […]

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