Subclipse on Fedora

Update 20110926: In Fedora 15, you can just install subversion-javahl-1.6.17-1.fc15 from Add/Remove Software tool, much easier than the method described earlier. :)

When trying to run Subclipse, I got the following error: Failed to load JavaHL Library. To get JavaHL loaded for Subclipse on Fedora, I had to first register on Collabnet before attempt to install JavaHL rpm from this location. Once installed, I had to run export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/CollabNet_Subversion/lib on the command line before running eclipse.

This above tip is the result of combining the howto from this and this page.

JavaOne 2010 Related Links

Here are some information that I found on the net about JavaOne 2010. Feel free to comment with additional resources. To start, Oracle posted some video highlights. If you have JavaOne login, you can view the full versions at On Demand site. If not, you can still see some of the contents here. Beyond that, here are posts from various speakers on their talks and related links.

Create a properties file for Java web app

After playing with JavaScript for a while, I got a chance to jump back to the server-side for a bit. I found myself a need to create a properties file. A look on the Internet led me to Vince’s blog. It has 90% of what I need. The missing piece was to add an ant task to copy the properties file right before building the WAR file. Here is my version of the ant task:

<target name="-pre-dist">
    <copy todir="build/web/WEB-INF/classes">
        <fileset dir="src" includes="*.properties"/>

After adding the ant task, everything works beautifully! :)