Workarounds for IE 8 and Ext JS

For the last couple days I ran into JavaScript errors with toolbars for Ext JS. One of the issues is clearly documented here. I just added hideMode:’offsets’ to the toolbar definition and the error went away. The other one, I had to add enableOverflow: false option to the toolbar to avoid hitting Object required error […]

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Width issue in IE

Somehow IE refuse to display properly with width:auto. FF and Safari had no problem with this property and displayed correct width size to match content. IE would set the width size to 1 pixel wide. Fortunately, I came across this post. Thanks to orcrist’s recommendation, removing the width attribute fixed the issue for me on […]

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IE Specific CSS

This blog post saved my day. I was able to keep a page look relatively the same by using browser specific css definitions. Maintaining separate css definitions is undesirable, but necessary to work within the current situation.

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