JavaOne 2010 Related Links

Here are some information that I found on the net about JavaOne 2010. Feel free to comment with additional resources. To start, Oracle posted some video highlights. If you have JavaOne login, you can view the full versions at On Demand site. If not, you can still see some of the contents here. Beyond that, […]

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Create a properties file for Java web app

After playing with JavaScript for a while, I got a chance to jump back to the server-side for a bit. I found myself a need to create a properties file. A look on the Internet led me to Vince’s blog. It has 90% of what I need. The missing piece was to add an ant […]

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Building a Hello World portlet with Liferay

Today I tried to build a simple Hello World portlet with Liferay Portal. I am a little disappointed that the documentation isn’t as straight forward as I expected. I had to read through several documents and was confused by outdated/conflicting information. So, I am sharing my setup notes for people who might be interested to […]

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Enabling gzip HTTP Compression on Glassfish

I followed this blog to configure my instance of glassfish to enable gzip compression for HTTP traffic. Here is my version of the configuration: <property name=”compression” value=”on”/> <property name=”compressableMimeType” value=”text/html,text/xml,text/plain,image/gif,image/jpeg,image/png,text/css,text/javascript,application/json”/> After restarted the sever, I noticed that not all files were compressed. Some css files were compressed while some other css files didn’t. I wonder […]

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