Extending Ext JS

The technique used in the fix I referenced in one of my previous posts is very useful. I used the same override function to change the Ext JS library without editing the actual library itself. For example, I used this technique to override Ext.form.ComboBox.getParams() function to use a different parameter name for limit.

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Textfield scrollaway

Special thanks to FlexIDX for the suggestion on this thread. Before, the text fields on a form panel would separate when scrolling. After specified position:relative; on text fields’ style property fixed the scrolling issue. However, the cursor disappeared on FireFox 2.x. Fortunately, this new issue is isolated on Firefox 2.x only. 😉

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Notes about PersistJS

After I tried to use PersistJS, I am impressed. Then people are asking me to write-up my findings. So, here are my notes about PersistJS: The first recommended reading is Why This is Awesome section. It makes a good case why you should use PersistJS. One interesting aspect of PersistJS is explained in its README: […]

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Localization with Ext JS

This thread helped to get a jump start to localize with Ext JS. I am thrilled that it is as simple as including an extra javascript file. Now, I just need to figure out how to identify what locale/language the browser is configured and dynamically load the appropriate locale JavaScript file. If anyone know a […]

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