Workarounds for IE 8 and Ext JS

For the last couple days I ran into JavaScript errors with toolbars for Ext JS. One of the issues is clearly documented here. I just added hideMode:’offsets’ to the toolbar definition and the error went away. The other one, I had to add enableOverflow: false option to the toolbar to avoid hitting Object required error […]

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Sort case insensitively

It’s interesting to find a minor difference on how Ext JS’ store handles case sorting. If you want to sort case sensitively, then remove the type property definition below, else add it in. Here is an example: {name: ‘field name’, type:’string’}, Thanks to this thread for the trick.

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Be careful with the sandbox

This customization of Ext JS TreeLoader can create a negative side-effect on Safari and Chrome in a very narrow use case. The issue that I ran into happens when the folder node was empty and when you drop a leaf node into it. In the sandBox function shown in the above link, it would return […]

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Follow-up on TreePanel

In this post, I had the following questions: How do I set leaf node? How do I configure to change the initial “move” behavior of drag-and-drop into a “copy” action so the node in the source tree doesn’t disappear? Here are my own answers: To set leaf node, I just updated the sandbox function to […]

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