Persuasive Technology 2009: Day 3

Can you be persuaded to be happy? Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Attention is the gatekeeper to persuasion But attention is a scarce resource: We can really pay attention to one thing at a time. Millions of bits of information compete to be processed every moment by every brain. The limits of attentional capacity: about 114 bit of […]

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Persuasive Technology 2009: Day 2

Does it Make a Difference Who Tells You What To Do? Maaike Roubroeks, Cees Midden and Jaap Ham Psychological reactance: A state of arousal that occurs when a person experiences a perceived threat to freedom, which motivates to restore that threatened freedom When does it occur When you try to persuade people to do something, […]

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Persuasive Technology 2009: Day 1

Here are some notes I took while at Persuasive Technology 2009. Unfortunately, I had to get back to work by mid-afternoon. I had to balance between different priorities. “Meeting People Where They Are” Brenda Laurel intent –> strategy –> tatic Structural analysis: computing (managing sensory input, senses its effects, adapts), persuasion ( embodes intent, orchestrates […]

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