Book: The Manager’s Path

“The Manager’s Path: A Guide fro Tech Leaders Navigating Growth & Change” By Camille Fournier See: “First, Break All the Rules” “Managers who care about you as a person, and who actively work to help you grow in your career. Managers who teach you important skills and give you valuable feedback. Managers who help you […]

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Book: Getting There

“Getting There” by Gillian Zoe Segal This is a book of a collection of personal life stories of various successful people across different professions. Everyone in the book encountered some form of challenges and setbacks, which can be inspirational. Here are my notes: “Take the classes, the friends, and the family that have inspired the […]

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Book: “Never Apply for a Job Again!”

“Never Apply for a Job Again!” by Darrell W. Gurney Mr. Gurney provided a lot of advice for an individual on how to seek career, business or even relationship opportunities. The quotes noted below do not capture many of the advice Mr. Gurney provides in the book. He actually went in depth on how to […]

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