Adding Weblogic 12c Runtime in OEPE (Eclipse)

When I tried to add an Oracle WebLogic Server 12c as a new server runtime to a project in OEPE (Eclipse), OEPE refused to recognize the information I entered. Fortunately, Daniel G. told me that I have to select the wlserver folder first, then backspace a few times to remove wlserver from the path and […]

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Buggy FireBug

I have a page with Javascript loaded from different directories. For one reason, the Javascripts source loaded from one of the directories did not display. This means I could not use the debugger to insert break points directly. The Firbug version was 1.3.3. Initially, I was able to get the source code to show after […]

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An IE 7 bug

Recently, I encountered an IE 7 bug and it’s documented at here. I try to see if I can workaround the issue next week. Advertisements

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Enabling use of “defaultValue” with JSON data source for Ext JS

I have a JSON response that has data in a nested object within a data entry. Mapping and reading the nested data is easy and straightforward. The interesting part is that the nested object is optional and therefore may not exist in the response sometimes. Unfortunately, JsonReader can’t handle this and would throw a silent […]

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