Loading a TreePanel without an URL

I found my self in need of using a TreePanel without an URL in Ext JS. A look around on the web led me to this thread which helped me to do 80% of what I need. I still need to find ways to do the following: How do I set leaf node? How do […]

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HTML attribute differences across browsers

Thanks to JI for showing me this big matrix that maps out the differences among browsers.

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Tagcloud widget

Thanks to Jonathan L. for the suggestion to check out this tagcloud widget. It’s interesting that someone would write a widget for this. I wrote a basic tag cloud before with simple scaling arithmetic to render tags in different font sizes. This widget adds a few more features. The extra features also add significant weight […]

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Open source Proxy for AJAX Calls

In response to Judit’s question in my HTTP Proxy Servlet post, there is actually a XmlHttpProxy Client in jMaki. It has some useful features that’s not available in HTTP Proxy Servlet. Check it out! Advertisements

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