Bluetooth Keyboard

Motorola bluetooth keyboard just arrived today and I am happy to use it to type this blog post. The only thing I wished it can do is to support Asian language keyboard layouts with Android.  Besides that, I did notice that the keyboard would cause one of the keys to trigger multiple times when I […]

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/dev/mapper issue

During installation of the latest version of Ubuntu, I realized that /dev/mapper was hogging two of my HDs, caused them unusable. After looked around online for solutions, this page solved my issue initially. The mapped device returned after reboot. So, I looked around again and found this page, which explained the root cause of my […]

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Creating a strategy

Here are my notes from the following sources: Bringing Science to the Art of Strategy, Your Strategy Needs a Strategy, and from Gina Airey’s talk on strategic planning. Problems of strategic planning: In some cases, “strategic planning does not product novel strategies. Instead, it perpetuate the status quo.” In other cases, out-of-box thinking “may result […]

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Call Forwarding

I need to forward a call to a different number when the cell phone is unattended or has no signal. This inquiry led me to the following instructions. It worked beautifully!

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Cloning a disk

Today I tried to use Parted Magic to clone a disk. At first, I used Clonezillathat came with Parted Magic. It failed on the last partition, which was a lvm2 pv partition. Next, I tried dd command with basic options, i.e. dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb That returned with an IO error. Then I used ddrescue, also bundled […]

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