Book: Becoming A Technical Leader

 “Becoming A Technical Leader: An Organic Problem-solving Approach” by Gerald M. Weinberg This is another book published over 20 years ago. There are still some useful information. Here are a few highlights: “Leadership is the process of creating an environment in which people become empowered.” “Instead of leading people, as in the threat/reward model, organic […]

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AfterShot Pro

It’s great to see that Corel released latest update to support new cameras. However, the new version would not import Canon 5D mark II RAW files correctly. After an import, the images would look blank when it supposed to have image content. Here is a screen capture of what I see:         […]

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HowTo: Setup GWT remote logging

I find the official documentation on remote logging wasn’t complete. Here are my notes based on various web sites I visited (here, here, and here). Hope this helps! App.gwt.xml You should add the inherits statement below. You should be able to adjust the log level to any of the following: ALL, FINEST, FINER, FINE, CONFIG, INFO, […]

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