Book: “Give and Take”

“Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success” by Adam Grant “Takers have a distinctive signature: they like to get more than they give. They tilt reciprocity in their own favor, putting their own interests ahead of others’ needs.” “In the work-place, givers are a relatively rare breed. They tilt reciprocity in the other direction, […]

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Startup School 2014

Ron Conway from SV Angel How do you tell you are driven enough? Are you willing to work 24/7. The company is the first in line. Once you are willing to make this commitment, then the work ethic will be a non-issue. Good qualities of an entrepreneur: Good communicator Have to be able to excite […]

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Book: Becoming A Technical Leader

 “Becoming A Technical Leader: An Organic Problem-solving Approach” by Gerald M. Weinberg This is another book published over 20 years ago. There are still some useful information. Here are a few highlights: “Leadership is the process of creating an environment in which people become empowered.” “Instead of leading people, as in the threat/reward model, organic […]

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