Book: Spark

“Spark: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success” by Angie Morgan, Courtney Lynch, and Sean Lynch “At Lead Star, we define a leader as someone who influences outcomes and inspires others. You can be a manager without being a leader. The reverse is also true. You can be a leader without being a […]

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Book: Cryptoassets

“Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond” by Chris Burniske & Jack Tatar “it’ completely decentralized, with no central server or trusted parties, because everything is based on crypto proof instead of trust… I think this is the first time we’re trying a decentralized, non-trust-based system.” “Bitcoin with an uppercase B refers to […]

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Book: Move Your Bus

“Move Your Bus: An Extraordinary New Approach to Accelerating Success in Work and Life” by Ron Clark Runner: “These individuals are working as hard as possible, and they essentially carry the load of the bus.” “Unfortunately, Runners tend to devote so much time to their job that they often neglect their personal lives.” “If you […]

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Book: The Manager’s Path

“The Manager’s Path: A Guide fro Tech Leaders Navigating Growth & Change” By Camille Fournier See: “First, Break All the Rules” “Managers who care about you as a person, and who actively work to help you grow in your career. Managers who teach you important skills and give you valuable feedback. Managers who help you […]

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Book: The Power of Positive Leadership

“The Power of Positive Leadership: How and Why Positive Leaders Transform Teams and Organizations and Change the World” by Jon Gordon “John Gottman’s pioneering research on relationships found that marriages are much more likely to succeed when the couple experiences a five-to-one ratio of positive to negative interactions; when the ratio approaches a one-to-one ratio, […]

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Book: Minimalism

“Minimalism: live a meaningful life” by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus “We must stop searching for happiness and instead start looking for meaning. If our short-term actions align with our long-term values, we’ll find purpose in whatever we’re doing. Paradoxically, it is this way of living—living deliberately—that leads to true happiness.” “As yet, try […]

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Book: Real Impact

“Real Impact: The New Economics of Social Change” by Morgan Simon “Impact investment is an attempt to align money with values. It is the practice of selecting for-profit investments in light of a growing awareness of the social and environmental outcomes of such investments.” “Rather than playing with the $46 billion that constitutes the annual […]

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