Sun Cluster

I have been getting several Sun Cluster inquiries from people recently. So, here is a quick intro with links to lots of resources: Sun Cluster is Sun’s clustering technology that can bring high availability to your applications or you can extend it to fit your high availability needs.. Since it’s free to download, you can […]

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How to track L1/L2 cache hit/miss on Solaris x86 Opteron

Here is a cpustat command that Amjad K. shared for tracking L1/L2 cache hit/miss on Solaris x86 Opteron. A special thanks to Amjad for this tip. Here is the command: %cpustat -c IC_itlb_L1_miss_L2_miss 1 5 %cpustat -c IC_itlb_L1_miss_L2_hit,IC_itlb_L1_miss_L2_miss If you are interested to track other events for Opteron, see the following listing. A special thanks […]

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More ZFS tuning

Thanks to Tom D. for pointing me this blog entry on ZFS tuning. The trick documented in this blog entry can be very useful for people who use ZFS on direct-attached storage arrays.

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