WebCam on Linux

I was tasked to setup a web cam on Linux. After looking around a bit on NewEgg, I was led to believe by one of the reviewers that Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX would work with Ubuntu 6.10 out-of-box. So, I got the web cam and plugged it in. My system only recognized a USB mic, […]

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Mount option in Linux

The most universal file system format is fat32 (vfat). By default, a Linux system may mount the partition as root that will prevent regular user from writing to the partition. To work around that, add “user” option in the mount entry in the /etc/fstab file.

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apt-get vs emerge

apt-get vs emerge After upgraded to FC3, I tried to install apt and gave apt-get a try. After explored a various subcommands and installed/upgraded a few packages, I am happy with its ease of use. However, when comapring to emerge from Gentoo, I found it has one very nice feature that apt-get doesn’t have: search. […]

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Oracle 9i on linux is no fun

Oracle 9i on linux is no fun I have installed Oracle many times. I have never encountered as many issues during installation on Solaris or Windows. However, when I tried it on Linux, I get errrors left and right. The first error that I encountered was JVM unable to initialize. Please see error below: —————– […]

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