UTF support in R

When I tried to compile R on Solaris 10 today, I noticed that R complained that it doesn’t support UTF locales. A check in the documentation showed that UTF-8 should be supported. A closer reading revealed that the example UTF encoding key is in lower case without dash “-“. i.e. “en_GB.utf8“. The default encoding key […]

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Notes on running NCSA HDFView

The HDFView “is a visual tool for browsing and editing NCSA HDF4 and HDF5 files.” The Linux version appears to be 32-bit and not having all the necessary 32-bit libraries caused my system unable to run it. So, I tried to run Solaris version. I had to tweak HDFVIEW_HOME and JAVAPATH variables in <HDFVIEW_HOME>/bin/hdfview.sh to […]

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