HTTP Proxy Servlet

One thing about writing AJAX calls is that you are limited to calling the same server for security reasons. To work around this issue, I gave this proxy a try and it worked for me and saved me time writing my own. The follow-up questions I have about this proxy implementations are: 1. It’s only […]

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RTE and dojo.editor

Rich Text Editor (RTE) is an alternative to dojo.editor. Although its icon set isn’t as cute as ones for dojo.editor, the graphics are certainly changeable. So, you can replace them with your own creative versions. You can turn on or off individual icons for RTE. Dojo.editor also allows such customization when you work with dojo.editor […]

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A trick with dojo.editor in jMaki

When I tried to use jMaki’s dojo.editor, I first thought “Hay this is dojo, so I can just use it the way dojo related documentation stated it, right?” No. jMaki created a wrapper for dojo and the configuration argument doesn’t match 100%. So, After reading across several documentations, here is one trick for configure dojo.editor […]

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ColumNav Preview Panel

I attempted to to follow this documentation to add a preview panel. I couldn’t get my instance to adopt the preview panel behavior. I even downloaded the example and attempted to view it unmodified. It still doesn’t work. Finally, I download the whole columnav distribution and was able to see a local working copy of […]

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