1223 status code in IE

It’s interesting that I hit the same problem that Andy Martone did. According to him and Visual Web Devloper 2008 Express Edition debugger, IE treats a 204 success response status as 1223. This is very annoying. Now, I’ll have to write some special processing code to handle it.

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A simple JavaScript trick

Given a JSON array, or any JavaScript object array, how do I find out the size or the length of the array without a length or size property? This is actually a very simple to solve. Just use for ( x in y) statement and use a counter variable to increment the count while you […]

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More Columnav Feedback

Columnav is definitely a cool widget when you have a small data set with not too many items for each column. Once the number of items grow to a certain size, the response time suffers. Introducing extra levels of clicks can only help to a certain extend before the users get confused or annoyed with […]

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