HTTP Proxy Servlet

One thing about writing AJAX calls is that you are limited to calling the same server for security reasons. To work around this issue, I gave this proxy a try and it worked for me and saved me time writing my own. The follow-up questions I have about this proxy implementations are: 1. It’s only […]

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Forward vs Redirect

I was using forward in a servlet to forward a request to a JSP and that didn’t display some of the images in a JSP. So, I found this page that shows how to use redirect. I find this a good page that explains the difference between the two approaches.

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Date in Java

Firstly, I figure out the format that I wanted by looking at this page. Next, I figure out how to get the date value I wanted by looking at this page. Pretty easy stuff.

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Notes on running NCSA HDFView

The HDFView “is a visual tool for browsing and editing NCSA HDF4 and HDF5 files.” The Linux version appears to be 32-bit and not having all the necessary 32-bit libraries caused my system unable to run it. So, I tried to run Solaris version. I had to tweak HDFVIEW_HOME and JAVAPATH variables in <HDFVIEW_HOME>/bin/ to […]

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Notes on hprof

There are several ways to profile JVM, here is one way according to “Solaris Performance and Tools“: -Xrunhprof:cpu=times,monitor=y,depth=8,file=path_to_result_file Note: monitor=y specifies that locks should be observed msa=y turns on Solaris microstate accounting depth=8 sets the depth of the stack displayed To get an accurate profile you should run a kill -3 <pid> at the very […]

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