A trick with dojo.editor in jMaki

When I tried to use jMaki’s dojo.editor, I first thought “Hay this is dojo, so I can just use it the way dojo related documentation stated it, right?” No. jMaki created a wrapper for dojo and the configuration argument doesn’t match 100%. So, After reading across several documentations, here is one trick for configure dojo.editor […]

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Ignore files during svn commit

Subversion can ignore certain files when you attempt to commit. In NetBeans, it is just as simple as right click on the Locally Modified file in Subversion panel and choose Ignore option. On the command-line, you can see this section from the documentation. you can also configure the global-ignore property in Subversion’s configuration file.

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How to manually migrate a NetBeans project to a different system?

NetBeans 5.5 hard-wire some of the environment information, such as where libraries are located on the file system. You can certainly right click on a project and choose “Resolve Reference Problems…”, however you will have to figure out where each library is located. Personally, I feel it is more painful than manually tweak [YOUR_NETBEANS_PROJECT_HOME]/nbproject/private/private.properties file. […]

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