A quick scan of “The Future of Programming Environments” article

Andreas Zeller‘s “The Future of Programming Environments”, provides an high level overview on the current trends of development tools. In this article, Zeller stated that development tools are evolving from extensible frameworks that supports integrated tools and their automation to “automated assistance in all development decisions”. Zeller further pointed out many known techniques that collects […]

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Notes from Sustainable Software Development

Here are my notes from Kevin Tate’s “Sustainable Software Development: An Agile Perspective” Introduction “Sustainable development is a pace that can be maintained indefinitely.” “Sustainable development requires a singular focus on a form of technical excellence that regularly provides useful software to customers while keeping the cost of change low.” “Balancing the short and long […]

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Chris Richardson on Testing

During JavaOne 2007, I attended Chris Richardson’s talk on Minimalist Testing Techniques for Enterprise Java Technology-Based Applications. Beyond the usual JUnit and CruiseControl, he mentioned a few new interesting names: JMock, EasyMock, and Selenium. Both JMock and EasyMock are object mock-up frameworks that allow a developer to focus on unit test a module independent from […]

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Persuasive Stories

What did BJ Fogg, Chip Heath, and Andy Goodman had in common? All of them discussed about stories and their persuasive nature. On 4/27/2007, BJ Fogg gave a speech on “Persuading with Pictures”. He said that a good story grabs people’s attention and presents a strong persuasion. “That’s what our brain latches on to”, he […]

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