JavaOne 2010 Related Links

Here are some information that I found on the net about JavaOne 2010. Feel free to comment with additional resources. To start, Oracle posted some video highlights. If you have JavaOne login, you can view the full versions at On Demand site. If not, you can still see some of the contents here. Beyond that, […]

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Notes about PersistJS

After I tried to use PersistJS, I am impressed. Then people are asking me to write-up my findings. So, here are my notes about PersistJS: The first recommended reading is Why This is Awesome section. It makes a good case why you should use PersistJS. One interesting aspect of PersistJS is explained in its README: […]

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MySQL to Postgres migration links

I just started looking into MySQL to Postgres migration. One of the differences between the two is LAST_INSERT_ID() for MySQL and CURRVAL(‘serial_variable’) for Postgres. Although there were many pages with examples about these, I found this page useful at explaining how to use the function. This page appears to be a good resource that lists […]

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RTE and dojo.editor

Rich Text Editor (RTE) is an alternative to dojo.editor. Although its icon set isn’t as cute as ones for dojo.editor, the graphics are certainly changeable. So, you can replace them with your own creative versions. You can turn on or off individual icons for RTE. Dojo.editor also allows such customization when you work with dojo.editor […]

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