This blog was initially started as a way for me to publish my technical notes and HOWTOs, so I can reference them again in the future. Since then, I’ve added a few reviews, first impressions, and notes from lectures that I attended or books I read. I may expand into other topics as time goes by or when I have an inspiration to write.

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17 thoughts on “About

  1. Dave,

    Thanks for the tip on getting CDE in vnc. I have to use my laptop at my client, but I am logged into their Solaris server and keep my full-screen CDE session on a separate monitor. It is very serviceable.

    Best wishes,

    Peter Hand

  2. hi dave, am just a novice trying to put solaris 10 on my new toshiba laptop, am willing to follow all your leads and hope to be on continous contact with U till its completely done, i have VMware 3.2 and gonna download the solaris 10. I did put solaris 9 on my VMware but couldnt get it work, it booted but the interface of solars couldnt even show up on my laptop. Thanks for this site

  3. Hi, i got a problem when installing sun solaris 10 x86

    there a message like this below:
    Error 28: selected item cannot fit into memory”

    help me please

  4. Hi,
    I am running Ubuntu Gutsy (recent convert from Windoze) and trying to install Oracle 9i.
    I have been struggling and found your blog a great help, but I am now stuck at the same point that you got to. Did you ever get it working, do you have any other suggestions to move forward?



  5. Hi,

    Can you please help me???

    I have 3 files on FTP that are .cvs files.
    I have to put them on the MySQL using phpMyAdmin.
    Then display that on a webpage.

    Can you help me with that?????

  6. Thank you for the information regarding Trunking 1.3 and dladm. I find that on my v890 with Solaris 10, I needed to add a lacp=A to get things to work for trunking. Also, that additional line needed to be a separate line, nettr lacp=A. I now see an error on my Cisco Catalyst switch about needing to ‘configure a valid partner key’??
    The trunked CE interfaces work but do not aggregate the bandwidth. Weird.
    Your blog is very informative, thank you.


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