Book: Save the World and Still be Home for Dinner

save_the_wold“Save the World and Still be Home for Dinner” By Will Marre
  • “When we make a genuine public commitment to help create a world of more opportunity and less pain and stress, people site up and pay attention. Whether we’re making a Promise to our company, our co-workers, or our friends, other people are energized when they know that we can be counted on to make tomorrow better.”
  • “it si the commitment to live our lives in a meaningful, fulfilling way.”
  • “Our quest is nothing less than sustainable abundance. By sustainable abundance, I mean an abundance of everything that really matters in life, both material and spiritual.”
  • “Above all I am reminding you that when you change your world, the world changes!”
  • “But when we have the courage to act on love, we simply see things differently. When we act on that motive, the wold changes.”
  • “Gandhi said, ‘becoming the change we seek'”
  • “We are emotionally liberated when we can ‘feel’ a new future. The ‘old future’ is the future we are headed for if nothing changes. That’s what makes us feel helpless and angry. When we can envision a new future, a different, better future, we are liberated. Emotional liberation give us the energy to think new thoughts, make new decisions, and take charge of our own destinies.”
  • “When we change our goal to create sustainable abundance, we open a new universe of opportunity based on collaboration. It’s not that competition doesn’t have its place. It’s just that instead of competing with each other, we can compete for each other. We can realize that we’re on the same team. The team called humanity.”
  • “The point is that most of us spend most of our time thrusting our creative energy into extremely demanding work whose value we never question. Others of us work frantically to support a lifestyle we don’t intrinsically enjoy. We’re just used to it and think it’s what we’re supposed to want.”
  • “To the Grid, only the superficial life counts. The Grid bombards us with images of the rich and famous and successful. It shows us what happens to losers. It catalogs our flaws and tells us what products we can buy to fix them. It shames us into accepting its standards. if we don’t follow its urging, we’re bad parents, lousy lovers, weak employees, or failing leaders.”
  • “Yet it relentlessly sells us the idea that power, fame, and fortune are what really count.”
  • “It fills our mind with discontent and keeps us obsessed with trivia. We hook up to it like an IV unit, mainlining mass-produced ideas about what’s important.”
  • “The Grid doesn’t care about your Promise. It doesn’t care about sustainable abundance in your life.”
  • “Our Promise is found in life-work harmony, not in a constant balancing act.”
  • “Everything influences everything else, is part of everything else.”
  • “If you change 5 percent of your life, you can often change the way you feel about the other 95 percent.”
  • “We are confronted with the terror of our own seeming insignificance.”
  • “Our greatest fear is that life is meaningless.”
  • “What’s intriguing is that the law that govern how energy changes from seem to depend on intelligent consciousness. Decades of repeated experiments performed by scores of mainstream renowned physicists have categorically shown that human intention powerfully affects the behavior of matter/energy.”
  • “a healthy, sustainable planet filled with healthy, sustainable lives.”
  • “We develop what Robert Kinsel-Smith calls a Comparative Self. A mental idea of how we stack up. We become ashamed of our shortcomings. The idea, ‘Uh-oh, I may not be good enough,’ creeps in. It scares the hell out of us.”
  • “Meanwhile, we’re busily authoring our Self-Concept, that story we tell ourselves about ourselves that begins to define our sense of identity. We become extremely protective of this Self-Concept.”
  • “We begin to mistake our Self-Concept for who we are. The more primal part of ourselves is plastered over by persistent thoughts and stories–likes, dislikes, opinions, accomplishments. We begin to believe the idea we’ve constructed about ourselves to be our actual self. The real me.”
  • “Underneath it all, our Self-Concept is driven by fear. Fear of annihilation. It knows it is a flash in the cosmic pan. It knows it soon will die.”
  • “Rather than identify with the part of ourselves that actually is eternal, we throw our support to our Self-Concept. it’s what we’re taught to do. It’s what our parents did, and their parents and their parents. It’s what the Grid tells us to do–to identify with our Self-Concept and to spend our lives trying to make our un-real Self-concept our real self.”
  • “The answer is found less in the part of you that makes all the inner noise and more in the silent part that hears it.”
  • “I am not my body, who am I?”
  • “I am not my thoughts, who am I?”
  • “I am not my emotions. Who am I?”
  • “I am not the roles I play in my life. Who am I?”
  • “Drive–What motivate us?
  • Design–What are our unique gifts?
  • Desire–What do we really want?”
  • “When I replaced that fearful drive with the drive of love, everything had fallen into place.”
  • “Love leads to optimism, connectedness to others, joy, giving, meaning, and life satisfaction.”
  • “Selfishness creates fear of loss, fear of loss makes us selfish.”
  • “Nash proved that working for the greatest good of all will actually produce the greatest good for every single person. In other words, a person’s highest personal benefits occur in human system where all people benefit the most.”
  • “First, it’s not pay, perks, benefits, or even selecting the right candidates.”
  • “John’s business is different because his focus isn’t on how much he can gain from his employees. His focus is on how much good he can do for them.”
  • “Integrity means acting on purpose. Our purpose.”
  • “Integrity is doing the right thing for the right reason. Because we want to.”
  • “When we live at the level of integrity, we cat for the inner reward, not an outer one.”
  • “Many high achievers under-achieve at happiness, though. High achievers are prone to making goal errors and poor career choices. That’s because at this level of maturity we are still motivated, on a deep level, to win approval. Though we may not be consciously aware of it, we aim for excellence mainly in order to please others, just as we did as children.”
  • “Integrity can be attained by anyone with a sincere desire to be, in the deepest sense, who they are. It provides an enduring sense of moral and emotional clarity.”
  • “letting the idea of integrity grab us by the heart. We can read about it, think about and observe it in the people we fiercely admire.”
  • “What I mean by being fully present is that you are completely ‘with’ the people around you. You listen to them without an inner agenda. Without formulating what you’re going to say next. You appreciate and honor them. You allow them to be who they are without trying to fix them or change them.”
  • “If we want loyal, energetic, creative, committed employees, the secret is to love them. That’s right, love them. If we want loyal customers, love them.”
  • “I try to understand their hopes, dreams, and concerns.”
  • “so many of us are frustrated by our big ambitions: to be rich, influential, famous, or even just get promoted, recognized, and appreciated. But life seems to have its own plan for us.”
  • “She knew there was one thing she could not fail at unless she chose to. And that was to be herself. Her best self. The big loving self that comes from our deepest part.”
  • “Perhaps our big ambition should not be to achieve someone else’s definition of success, but to live minute to minute more authentically.”
  • “Our ‘Design’ is the intersection of traits and talents that we bring with us into the world. Our track record is the expression of these traits and talents in action. Talents are skills that you perform exceptionally well and with natural ease.”
  • “Traits are the inner you. They’re the way you experience the world, what you pay attention to, what you derive deep satisfaction and value from, and how you like to engage life and others.”
  • “Activities that are aligned with your Design give you energy rather than sap it.”
  • “Life was not meant to be a constant uphill battle, endured with gritted teeth. It was meant to be lived with ease and grace.”
  • “The best way to understand our talent is to ask other people.”
  • “What ignites my passion?”
  • “How do I live to interact with the world?”
  • “Well, people who are curious don’t do well jin jobs that require routinely following an established process. They want to continually reinvent the process or pursue side tasks where they can learn something new every week.”
  • “He simply enabled everyone to maximize their strengths by putting them in the right position and situation to do that.”
  • “Some of us respond to need–when we see a problem that needs fixing, it pulls us in. Other are motivated y process-when the steps to success are in place, we are energized. Some are motivated by risk–we thrive on obstacles and perform best under pressure. Still others are motivated by being visible. We like to be the center of attention, get up in front of others, and move the show along.”
  • “If we can organize our work so that we are spending at least two thirds of our time expressing our best stuff, our highest gifts, we will have outstanding success and will make our maximum contribution to the world.”
  • “What do you need to do that no one else can?”
  • “The key is that they are finding their own new possibilities by bringing new possibilities to others.”
  • “First, the quantity of what we can effectively accomplish is determined by our physical energy. This is something we have a lot of control over by how much sleep, exercise, and nutrition we get. Second the quality of our energy is driven by our emotional energy. Positive emotions spawn creativity and collaboration. Third, the focus of our energy is determined by the amount of concentrated and consistent mental energy we put on personally meaningful goals.”
  • “But none of these sources of energy compares with the power of the fourth source; this is what Jim calls spiritual energy.  He doesn’t mean spiritual in the religious sense, but in the sense of personal values and meaning. What I call our Promise. What he has found is that when human beings are fully engaged in fulfilling their deepest spiritual desires in their work, relationships, and lifestyle, their life takes on a force many times greater than normal.”
  • “The more we know, the more dots we connect. And making new connections between ideas and experiences leads to insight. Insight we may never have gotten without learning that one new idea. It’s especially helpful in finding innovative solution to ‘unsolvable’ problem.”
  • “Recreation is literally re-creation: a process that restores our energy.”
  • “Friends at this level not only know our secrets; they share our values and give us respect, compassion and caring.”
  • “But for a romantic relationship to least the connection needs to reverse to friendship first and passion second. In fact, the friendship constantly re-kindles passion through deep emotional and intellectual intimacy.”
  • “Yes, genuine friendship takes time.”
  • “Our quest is to find someone whose imperfections are perfect for us.”
  • “1) small continuous acts of loving attention, and 2) handling conflict with respect.”
  • “Research says that intimacy grows when people are willing to invest in at least 7 hours a week on each other.”
  • “Active Advocacy. That is, they are each other’s greatest fan and they aren’t shy about making that known. Genuinely advocating for your loved one in the real world in front of others, is a bold statement of love.”
  • “I recommend creating a ‘Life List’ of things that engaged your Design. To make this Life List, pay attention to your true feelings. What activities consistently bring you joy, passion, and energy from the inside out? Write these activities down in a list, and then do them regularly. It’s that simple.”
  • “If you want to live rich, pay close attention to what you really value and enjoy, and spend your money on those things. Minimize everything else. Then you can feel rich no matter what your income is. And when you feel rich, your unique gifts will glow.”
  • “What is my Promise, the greatest value I an imagine crating?
  • What is unique about my work? What’s my secret sauce?
  • What am I doing now that’s wasting my time or getting in my way? What things must I stop investing effort and attention on?
  • What is the one thing I need to over-invest my time, effort, and energy in so as to leverage the full value of my traits and talents?”
  • “Be first, best, or different.”
  • “Capitalism without virtue rewards pollution, corruption, piracy, cartels, monopolies, exploiters, and unsafe working condition more easily than innovation, quality, and good service. Raw financially driven capitalism rewards anything that reduces cost and increase price. Anything. Even Adam Smith, capitalism’s philosopher, knew that. Before he wrote Wealth of Nations he wrote Moral Sentiments, which makes the case that virtual is at the core of all enlightened self-interest.”
  • “Instead of don’t pollute, we shift to heal the hearth.”
  • “‘Don’t buy that; it poisons’ we say, ‘Here, buy this; it cures!'”
  • Corporate Social Opportunity (CSO): “CSO requires moral maturity at the highest level.l It asks us to be more than law abiding, it asks us to be good. The highest level of ethics challenges us with the question, ‘How much good can we do?’ When this translates to a business enterprise, it stimulates the drive to do Good first, then Grow, and finally Gain.”
  • “Imagine sitting in a strategy meeting were you were all gathered to answer the question, ‘how much good can we create for our customer and for each other?’ I’m talking sustainable good. Smart good. Good that is so valued it creates a huge profit margin, even if that’s not its primary intention.”
  • “Socially Strategic Enterprise is a far bigger idea than industrial or financial capitalism of the twentieth century. It literally transforms the ethical vision of Good, Grow, Gain into sustainable, profitable business. It challenges us to think about free enterprise not as the freedom to exploit, pollute, and position, but rather as the freedom to create a better world. Free enterprise as a means for doing good. Imagine if we could rethink capitalism in this way.”
  • “‘Socially Strategic’ means you earn your core Profit from 1) increasing People’s well-being and/or 2) saving our Planet.”
  • “So was the twentieth century awful? Yes. Was it wonderful? Yes. And so is today. You see, reality is ways a Both + And proposition. Our jobs are both satisfying and dissatisfying. So are our lifestyles, or homes and our 14-year-olds. Reality is messy. It’s supposed to be.”
  • “it’s always Both + And and so are the solution we seek. Understand the multi-dimensional nature of reality is essential to living our ‘good’ life.”
  • ” Every problem is an opportunity just as every opportunity is plagued with problems. The question is what we are going to do about it.”
  • “Yes life is both messy, and life is great. What an opportunity.”
  • “First, pay close attention to your current circumstances; be aware of where you are. Second become clear on what really matters to you, your Promise. Third, just start.”
  • “When we become more conscious of your Desire to make our difference and when we recognize who we make our strongest impact through our Design, our life circumstances becomes the canvas for painting our Promise.”
  • “There is no ‘right’ way to make your difference. There are billions of right ways.”
  • “Be who you are and do what you came for.”
  • “what really matters is not what we do but what we become through doing.”

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