Article: “We Crunched 1 Billion Java Logged Errors – Here’s What Causes 97% of Them”

A friend shared this article and I find it informative. Here are my notes:

Steve Burton explained the challenge for engineers to troubleshoot production issues when the logs are filled with a large number of non-critical error messages. Not only this made troubleshooting of critical errors harder, it also has the following additional costs:

  • “Disk storage to host log files on servers”
  • “Log management software licenses to parse, transmit, index and store this data over your network”
  • “Servers to run your log management software”
  • “Humans to analyze and manage this operational noise”

The suggested solution to this large number of non-critical errors is to use Takipi to “show you the exact source code, object and variable values that caused each of them.”


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