Talk: From Inspiration to Implementation

“From Inspiration to Implementation” by Dr. Tina Seelig

I listened to this talk last October and finally revisited this again to take some notes. This talk contains a lot of further explanations and stories that illustrate these points. Watch it if you want to dive in deeper.

  • “Imagination, I define, very simply, is the ability to envision things that don’t yet exist.”
  • “Creativity then is applying your imagination to solve a problem.”
  • “Innovation then is applying your creativity to come up with a unique solution.”
  • “Entrepreneurship then is applying our innovation to bring those ideas to life, to bring them to fruition and to the rest of the world.”
  • “So imagination requires two things: engaging and envisioning.”
  • “Engagement gives you the place to start envisioning what might be different.”
  • “For – many people, they don’t know that they have a passion until they’re engaged with something.”
  • “Creativity requires two things. It requires motivation and experimentation”
  • “True innovators, true entrepreneurs, true creators are actually quilt-makers. These are folks who take all the things they have at their disposal and put them together to create the solution to their problems”
  • “You can start with a very small little problem that’s in your environment and start doing some quick, rapid prototyping to see if there is an opportunity there.”
  • “Focus is about a real deep commitment because once you’ve done your little experimenting to see if it might work, now you have to dive in and say, I’m going to learn everything about this, I’m going to focus my time and attention and this is when you start reframing.”
  • “Reframing is when you start looking at the problem from all different angles.”
  • “The fact is the question you ask is the frame into which it will fall – the answers will fall. So what happens is, if you don’t ask the right question, you’re not going to get the right answers.”
  • “Entrepreneurship requires two things. It requires persistence and inspiring others.”
  • “Persistence is essentially grit. It’s those people who basically will walk through walls to get things done.”
  • “people think that entrepreneurs are risk takers, but they’re actually not. They’re trying to squeeze the risk out of the things. They’re trying to get the best team, they are trying to get the best group to fund them, they’re trying to get the best product. They are not trying to take a risk. They don’t want to fail. They want to essentially do something that’s really bold.”
  • “If you’re not meeting new people, if you are not engaged to everyday, if you’re not paying attention, you are missing opportunities. So you make your own luck by being fully engaged, doing things that are outside of your comfort zone, building your portfolio of interests and then you can start connecting, combining them and really making amazing things happen.”
  • “if you’re not failing sometimes, you’re not taking enough risks. You’re not getting out of your comfort zone and – but it’s really important to mine those failures for learning.”
  • “But people who have fixed mindset who basically think, this is what I can do and if I fail, that just means I’m a failure as opposed to those people who say I have a growth mindset and therefore when I hit a wall, this is an opportunity for me to really stretch.”

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