Book: “Never Apply for a Job Again!”

Never Apply For A Job Again“Never Apply for a Job Again!” by Darrell W. Gurney

Mr. Gurney provided a lot of advice for an individual on how to seek career, business or even relationship opportunities. The quotes noted below do not capture many of the advice Mr. Gurney provides in the book. He actually went in depth on how to identify interests by looking for phrases that interest you in job descriptions, how to ask people and how to conduct research informational interviews, which he claimed to be a lot more effective than the traditional job search method.

  • “when you do good things for others, those good things have a habit of making their way back to you—even if from a different person or group of people.”
  • “Talk to people! Everywhere! Anywhere!”
  • “Get out there! Offer your insight, show your interest, interject, and ask questions!”
  • “Just be nimble, be quick, and go for it! Get your hand up first! Strategically look for spaces to step into.”
  • “when we’re out pointedly finding ways to interact with others, we discover resources, knowledge, and information that moves everyone forward.”
  • “you want to connect with people far and wide, even if there’s no job available for the moment, all the time and everywhere… because one day you’ll need another opportunity and one day there will be one available where there isn’t one now.”
  • “4M Method of Career Management:
    Meet people, in a
    Memorable way, so as to stay top-of-
    Mind, and then
    Maintain those relationships for life.”
  • “Your approach must be one of earnest and sincere interest in something of interest to them, and it must be cultivated and conducted out of that interest alone…with no ulterior motives.”
    “In a stealth approach to career management, your only task is to meet and be known by as many people as possible.”
  • “I once heard a minister say, ‘Never waste the opportunity of a good crisis!’ What he went on to explain was that, what we often perceive initially as a negative event actually has the seeds within it of a greater overall direction for our lives.”
  • “Shakespeare said, ‘There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.'”
  • “Winston Churchill said in a speech at the Harrow School in England, is that we must ‘never give in—never, never, never, never!'”
  • “always keep 10 percent or more of you reserved for your long-term security by maintaining your career tribe.”

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