HowTo: Setup GWT remote logging

I find the official documentation on remote logging wasn’t complete. Here are my notes based on various web sites I visited (here, here, and here). Hope this helps!


You should add the inherits statement below. You should be able to adjust the log level to any of the following: ALL, FINEST, FINER, FINE, CONFIG, INFO, WARNING, SEVERE. I find the popup log console in the browser annoying, so I disabled it.

<inherits name=””/>
<set-property name=”gwt.logging.simpleRemoteHandler” value=”ENABLED” />
<set-property name=”gwt.logging.logLevel” value=”FINEST”/>
<set-property name=”gwt.logging.enabled” value=”TRUE”/>
<set-property name=”gwt.logging.consoleHandler” value=”ENABLED” />
<set-property name=”gwt.logging.popupHandler” value=”DISABLED” />


The following code is necessary for the server to receive log information and redirect to server log file.



Here is the example code you can use in GWT client-side.

import java.util.logging.Level;
import java.util.logging.LogRecord;

SimpleRemoteLogHandler remoteLog = new SimpleRemoteLogHandler();
remoteLog.publish(new LogRecord(Level.INFO, “log message”));


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