Buggy FireBug

I have a page with Javascript loaded from different directories. For one reason, the Javascripts source loaded from one of the directories did not display. This means I could not use the debugger to insert break points directly. The Firbug version was 1.3.3. Initially, I was able to get the source code to show after randomly clicked around, i.e. click on Yslow and switch back to script tab. Unfortunately, it was not a reliable workaround. Eventually, an idea came to me to work around the issue: insert a runtime error. A runtime error can be as simple as referencing a non-existing function. Make sure you don’t introduce syntax error, which will stop the browser from reading the source code. With the new runtime error, Firebug will show an error in the console and provide a link to the source code. Once I could see the source code, I added break points at the lines that I was actually interested and removed the artificial runtime error from the source code before reloaded the page.


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