IE Specific CSS

This blog post saved my day. I was able to keep a page look relatively the same by using browser specific css definitions. Maintaining separate css definitions is undesirable, but necessary to work within the current situation.


3 thoughts on “IE Specific CSS

  1. What do you mean IE8 is pretty good, and horrible inconsisitencies in IE6 are also the fault of very inconventional unusual (though perhaps “imaginative”) design.

  2. I haven’t tried IE 8 yet. I was using IE 7. The CSS that I was using works fine under FF and Safari, but not on IE 7. So, I had to create IE 7 specific CSS definition to avoid disrupt the look on FF and Safari.

  3. All ies are horrible no matter how you look at it. It takes so much memories. I hate everything about ie. It’s a nightmare to debug it.

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