JavaScript annoyance on Safari

I encountered a JavaScript issue on Safari while the same script works fine on Firefox and IE. Based on what I could find, WebKit appears to be the only bundle that contains a JavaScript debugger. Since WebKit is the open source web browser engine that Safari uses, it essentially is the bleeding edge of what Safari might pick-up later. This can be a good thing that if a fix goes into WebKit now, you can safely expect Safari will pick it up sometime in the future. At the same time, before Safari pick up the fix, you are essentially at a crippled state. I hope Safari has a faster release cycle.

3 thoughts on “JavaScript annoyance on Safari

  1. I am actually using nightly builds of webkit. Drosera is how I learn about the build-in debugger in webkit. The issue that I experienced is fixed in webkit but not with Safari. So, I don’t need to file a bug against WebKit. Now, I am just hoping that Safari will pick up the fix from WebKit and release soon. 😉

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