First impression with ocropus

OCRopus is an OCR system. I initially wanted to see how it can handle handwriting. So, I gave it a try by installing it on Ubuntu 8.04. To get started, I used Synaptic to install the following required software:

  • jam
  • libpng12-dev
  • libjpeg-dev
  • libtiff-dev

I installed one of the optional packages, libaspell-dev. Beyond that, I also installed build-essentials for the compilers needed to build from source.

Next, I checked out tesseract-ocr from Google.

svn co tesseract-ocr

I had to use the patch from this forum thread. To install the patch, I used this command:

patch java/makefile < java 

Note that java is the patch file and java/makefile is the make file in tesseract-ocr/java directory. After I applied the patch, I continued building tesseract-ocr

sudo make install

Now I have all the required software, now I am ready to install ocropus:

svn co
cd trunk
sudo jam install

By this step, the basic ocropus is installed.

One thing I noticed after the initial install, I needed to create /usr/local/ocroscript directory and create the following two soft links within the newly created directory.:

ocroscript -> ../bin/ocroscript
scripts -> ../share/ocropus/script

To test the software, I used the sample image came with the software:

/usr/local/bin/ocrocmd /data/pages/alice_1.png |less

The default test case above worked for me. Next, I took out my camera and took a picture of my handwriting. Upload the image and ran it through the OCR software. I was disappointed to find that ocropus couldn’t recognize my handwriting very well. Is there something that can do better?


2 thoughts on “First impression with ocropus

  1. The patch you mention is not available. Probably stripped off email to the list.

    Do you have a way to post the patch in a way that it can be accessed by more than just the guy it was originally sent to?

  2. Hi Bob,

    Somehow the direct link doesn’t work. If you click on the forum link (the second one) and click on the entry by Jeffrey Ratcliffe, you will see the attached patch file. Hope this helps,

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