Different handling of image maps for Firefox and IE 7

It’s interesting to learn that Firefox and IE 7 handles image maps differently. Firefox does not need the # character in usemap="#mymap". While IE 7 requires it. Thanks to James for the explanation and Jim for the example.


13 thoughts on “Different handling of image maps for Firefox and IE 7

  1. Mozilla Firefox 3.0 now needs hash too. I think this is because attribute USEMAP should be an URI/URL address of the map. Previous Firefoxes allowed a NAME (ID) of the map instead of full address. Hash (#) at the beginning constitutes that the MAP and AREA tags are in the same file as IMG tag.

  2. The “About Us” button has an image map. The button also has a script attached to it for a drop down menu. Works fine in IE but doesnt work in Firefox. I read your comment and took out the “#” the drop down then works but then the image map link doesn’t. Any suggestions?

  3. Robert,

    If I understand correctly, you put an image map inside a button? If so, then what are you trying to accomplish with the combination of the two? You have an illustration of the layout?

    Hi Steve,

    Perhaps you can try this tool.

  4. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I spent to many hours trying to make usemap function work correctly on IE8
    Now it works like a charm!

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