Debugging JavaScript with IE 7

One thing unfortunate about working with JavaScript is the need to debug on major browsers. So, I had to spend some time looking into compatibility issue on IE 7. Fortunately, I found this blog and it was very helpful. So, I installed Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition beta 2 and was able to quickly identify the root cause, which was in the difference of data structure representation.

I was disappointed that FireFox and IE would construct different data structure representations. For example, in the array that I am worked with, the data were in index 0 for IE and 1 for Firefox. I also had to use target sub-element within an array element for Firefox to find the data I was looking for, while I don’t needed to use it for IE. As a result, I had to find an IE detection code to add special conditional processing code.


5 thoughts on “Debugging JavaScript with IE 7

  1. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for pointing out Firebug. I actually use it all the time on FF. The reason I had to use Visual Web Developer 2008 is because of IE 7.

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