A quick scan of “The Future of Programming Environments” article

Andreas Zeller‘s “The Future of Programming Environments”, provides an high level overview on the current trends of development tools. In this article, Zeller stated that development tools are evolving from extensible frameworks that supports integrated tools and their automation to “automated assistance in all development decisions”. Zeller further pointed out many known techniques that collects data about a piece of code in both static form and during run-time, then apply various automated analysis techniques that leads to visualization, statistics, data mining and machine learning to increase the productivity and code quality.

The paper serve more of a “review” or a “digest” of current trend of tools development than a “research” paper. Zeller certainly stated various recommendations that can serve as “best practices” for developers of tools. I would treat these recommendations as more of “common sense” than “design patterns”. This certainly is a good introductory paper with some interesting ideas and examples on what others have done in the tools space.


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