First impression with Ubuntu 7.10

Yesterday, I installed Ubuntu 7.10. This time, I downloaded the desktop image instead of the server version, which I learned from my previous experience. I was a little disappointed that 7.10 didn’t resolve the kernel/acpi issue that I had on a machine that I use. It’s not a big deal, I’ll just need to continue adding acpi=off to the boot parameter as usual. Besides that, the installation went smoothly just as expected from Ubuntu.

After installation, the first thing that I did was to run Synaptic to add more packages. I did notice the new repository interface, which allowed me to choose additional repositories by check off a few boxes instead of finding them on a web site and past in the URLs. This is a nice touch.

Even with the enhancements for Synaptic, I didn’t notice any visual enhancements that people have been raved about. So, I checked the configuration and realized that it wasn’t enabled by default. So, I suspected it was because that I need to install the restricted video driver for this system. So, I found this howto and this forum that helped me to enable the cool effects with CoompizFusion. I also found some widgets .

How Ubuntu 7.10 handles browser plug-in installs such as flash is also nicely done. Just go to a flash enabled web site and that triggers package download and install at the OS level.

I am certainly impressed with Ubuntu and felt a lot easier to work with it at the first glance than another OS. Yes, gnucash works out-of-box. 🙂

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