NetBeans 6 beta 1 is more JavaScript friendly than earlier releases

I’ve been using NetBeans 6 beta 1 for a while now. Today I just found out that if I am working on a static file such as a JavaScript file, all I need to do is to redeploy the project to the local server instance to see the changes. No need to rebuild or recompile. This is very cool. I don’t have to wait for the compilation of all that Java code in the same project to see changes in JavaScripts. This saves me a lot of time and I don’t have to go to a command line and do the copy myself. Again, very cool!


2 thoughts on “NetBeans 6 beta 1 is more JavaScript friendly than earlier releases

  1. Packages does not exists
    Packages javax.servlet does not exists

    if you want to access these packages within mobility MIDLET environment, sorry, you can not access it because it will access on the WEB environment while creating project.

    thanks to my teacher, Dr. Martyn (university of central england) Birmingham UK. he resolved these above packages problem otherwise i had installed and un-installed 5 times netbeans with different version. actually, i love j2me its cool…

    student of uce. birmingham.
    munir abbas.
    msc. pervasive computing

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