First impression about ColumNav 1.0

Special thanks again to David Lindquist for adding a new feature in the most recent release of ColumNav 1.0, which is the ability for ColumNav widget to load arbitrary HTML in one of its columns. This feature can really enrich the widget to go beyond a tree listing of menu items.

Yes. You can certainly display arbitrary HTML. The HTML might render a little differently than when the same content was in a HTML page. For example, if you use a <div> in your arbitrary HTML, you might get a non-scrollable scrollbar similar to the example below:
Coumnav 1.0 with arbitary HTML

So, depending on what HTML content you want to include in ColumNav and what browser you use, your mileage may very. For me, <div> is not a must have for me. If I have more time to play with this, I may try to use other HTML elements instead.


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