RTE and dojo.editor

Rich Text Editor (RTE) is an alternative to dojo.editor. Although its icon set isn’t as cute as ones for dojo.editor, the graphics are certainly changeable. So, you can replace them with your own creative versions. You can turn on or off individual icons for RTE. Dojo.editor also allows such customization when you work with dojo.editor directly. The dojo.editor that’s packaged within jMaki does not allow this customization easily when you include the widget in your web application. You probably have to tweak the pre-configured dojo.editor tool bars separately. RTE has scrollbar built-in, which is a nice touch. Dojo.editor doesn’t. Instead it grows dynamically. Personally, I prefer scrollbars and to get that effect, I surround the widget with a div that has pre-defined height and overflow:auto. I read online that Dojo.editor doesn’t work if you want to put multiple instances on the same page. I did try to put a drawer on the same page and that breaks dojo.editor. RTE claims to work with multiple instances without a success according to this demo. RTE also requires me to insert a bunch of JavaScript code fragments in a JSP rather than put them in a .js file. In comparison, jMaki’s way of including dojo widgets is much cleaner. All in all, either options aren’t perfect. Given that they are essentially free, I am not complaining. I do hope they will improve over time.


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