A trick with dojo.editor in jMaki

When I tried to use jMaki’s dojo.editor, I first thought “Hay this is dojo, so I can just use it the way dojo related documentation stated it, right?” No. jMaki created a wrapper for dojo and the configuration argument doesn’t match 100%. So, After reading across several documentations, here is one trick for configure dojo.editor with medium pre-set tool bar. The default is small. Beyond that, there isn’t too much more you can configure. So, dojo.editor in jMaki isn’t as configurable as dojo.editor by itself. This simplification is fine if the presets are good enough for your needs.

<a:widget name="dojo.editor" value="edit me." args="{toolbar:\"medium\"}" />

Sources: Object Literal (for defining the parameters for args), jMaki’s dojo.editor documentation


3 thoughts on “A trick with dojo.editor in jMaki

  1. Nice! Can u tell me three things
    1. how to change the save button’s display text, by default it is ‘unknown’. When I take mouse over to save button it shows ‘unknown’.
    2. How to set the width and height of editor, because when i start typing several lines, scroll does not come and page gets longer and longer.
    3. How to change background color of editor, by default it is taking my css color.
    4. How to use style attribute of editor.

    Please email me. Thank you!!!!

  2. Hi Rahul,

    Good questions. I don’t have answers on them right now. The next best place to find answers to your questions should be this forum If you find the answers, please feel free to share. Thanks,

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