Howto install Wine on Ubuntu 7.04

It’s weird that I actually find a need to run a Windows application. So, I found this howto and it worked perfectly for me.

It didn’t occur to me that WINE does not exist in binary form on Ubuntu 7.04 for AMD64. I actually don’t mind compile from source. I wonder why is that?

13 thoughts on “Howto install Wine on Ubuntu 7.04

  1. Ubuntu AMD-64 installs have a built in lib32 directory, so rather than kludging up your main lib directory with a bunch of 32 bit libraries that may or may not screw up your system, just install skype with the –force-architecture switch, ldd it to see what libraries it needs, and go fetch the 32 bit versions of those libraries and uncompress them into your lib32 directory. It takes a lot more work, sure, but it beats screwing up your libraries for one buggy, unstable, poorly supported Linux port.

  2. The link works for me when I clicked it just now. You might want to try again. If you already have 7.10 installed, you should see my blog posted “A second look at Ubuntu 7.10” on Oct 27th.

  3. Thanks for helping people.good work.if you can put a download URL on this page it will be easy to download & find wine will easy.thanks again

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