ColumNav Preview Panel

I attempted to to follow this documentation to add a preview panel. I couldn’t get my instance to adopt the preview panel behavior. I even downloaded the example and attempted to view it unmodified. It still doesn’t work. Finally, I download the whole columnav distribution and was able to see a local working copy of preview pane example. After playing with the code a bit more, I realized that uses CSS to define the visual display of the panel rather than using JavaScript and the content of the panel from JavaScript point of view is just a hidden link. This isn’t very useful if you want to use the preview panel to display dynamic text. For now, I’ll just use a div on the right side next to columnav to simulate the preview panel.


6 thoughts on “ColumNav Preview Panel

  1. Yeah, the preview panel example is a bit of a hack and not really idiomatic to ColumNav. I added the example as a favor to a friend who was trying to implement something like it.

    I am in the process of revamping the code to more easily allow for arbitrary HTML in a given pane, instead of always expecting a list structure.

  2. Hi David,

    I am happy to see your fast response and look forward to see the improved ColumNav.

    A friend suggested to try embed HTML in the JSON object for ColumNav. I haven’t try that yet. If you know it will break, please let me know and that will save me some experimentation time.

  3. I haven’t tried embedding HTML into the JSON either. This was my first foray into JSON, so I am not well-versed on its capabilities. I will investigate.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  4. You welcome. Since I am using a separate div outside of ColumNav to populate data rather than in a preview panel within ColumNav, so I don’t need to try embed HTML in JSON in the near future. It is still a “to try” item on my list. If you get to it before I did, please do let me know. If I learn something new about it, I’ll certainly share that on this thread or write a new blog entry.

  5. Hi Dave,

    I have just updated ColumNav with some new features. Re-reading your original post, I am not quite sure if the new version addresses your concerns. I have added the ability to load arbitrary HTML into a pane instead of another list of links. This effectively replaces the “preview pane” example from the previous version, an example that I no longer include in the distribution, owing to its reliance on a “private” undocumented method (and general hacky-ness :). Let me know if this fits the bill, or if you have any suggestion for improvement:

  6. Hi David,

    Thank you for the good news and I appreciate your enhancement work. If I don’t get too stressed out by other activities this week, I’ll try it out.

    Has anyone tried to add bread crumbing to columnav? I’ll try to see if I can study your documentation/example on how to use onNext/onPrev events and evaluate how to extract selected item.

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