This is how I configure NIS client

I followed this howto to reconfigure a NIS client machine.


5 thoughts on “This is how I configure NIS client

  1. I have configured fedora core 5 as nis server .i could able to connect through SSH after log on as root user on the client machine .client is also fedora core5 .I I required NIS GUI Login from Client machine .

    what should i do?



  2. Hi kamlakar,

    for login through gui you require users home directory.
    share your server home directory thru. nfs.
    and mount /home directory autofs utility in linux.

    Better option you create your remote user directory on different location. ex. /rhome/
    use command useradd -d /rhome/test test
    it will create test user home directory on /rhome directory. and share /rhome directory thru nfs.

    on client machine configuration
    1) edit auto.master
    enter below test on bottom of this file.
    /rhome /etc/auto.misc
    2) edit /etc/auto.misc
    add line to bottom of this file.
    * -rw,soft,intr of your nfs & nis server)/rhome/&

    restart autofs service.
    above steps will mount your /rhome dir. on client machines /rhome/ directory.

    also you need to change client machine authentication settings.
    use authconfig-tui utility click to nis provide nis server name and ip address.
    then restart ypbind service. this service will map your nis server login information. ( passwd group files etc)

    after that try to login with test user it will login through GUI…

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