How to manually migrate a NetBeans project to a different system?

NetBeans 5.5 hard-wire some of the environment information, such as where libraries are located on the file system. You can certainly right click on a project and choose “Resolve Reference Problems…”, however you will have to figure out where each library is located. Personally, I feel it is more painful than manually tweak [YOUR_NETBEANS_PROJECT_HOME]/nbproject/private/ file. So, I just replace the prefix to fit my local environment and NetBeans is happy again. 🙂 You might want to make a backup copy in case you are working with a code versioning system, so that you can preserve your own configuration in case you did an update.

Maybe NetBeans 6.0 is smarter about this. Since all the jar files are in the same directory tree, the IDE should just figure out where all of its libraries are located using relative paths rather than absolute paths. Eclipse doesn’t have an issue with this. 😉


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