Persuasive Stories

What did BJ Fogg, Chip Heath, and Andy Goodman had in common? All of them discussed about stories and their persuasive nature.

On 4/27/2007, BJ Fogg gave a speech on “Persuading with Pictures”. He said that a good story grabs people’s attention and presents a strong persuasion. “That’s what our brain latches on to”, he emphasized. In his point of view, a persuasive story embed values and cultural. This means much of TV programming, such as sitcoms, do not present persuasive stories. At the same time, commercials often has good stories showing cause and effect.

Andy Goodman, in his podcast, talked about storytelling from a effective communication point of view. He demonstrated to the audience how much more effective and powerful a story can get the point across when compare it to ineffective mundane business talk.

Chip Heath talked about the power of urban legends, a form of persuasive stories, in his book and podcast. He described the characteristics of urban legends and explained the key factors that made urban legends so powerful and spread so widely without marketing campaigns or a huge war chest.

All in all, if you leverage the technique of persuasive storytelling, you will have a very powerful tool at your disposal.


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