My first Solaris 10 Zone — Very Easy

I followed this howto to create my first Solaris 10 zone. It was very easy and everything worked on the first try. I’ve included the commands I executed below. You may wish to read the howto for explanations on each step. The only thing that I did extra was creating a directory and chmod it to 700.

mkdir /export/test-zone
chmod 700 test-zone
global# pooladm -e
global# pooladm -s
global# pooladm
global# poolcfg -c 'create pset test-pset (uint pset.min=1; uint pset.max=1)'
global# poolcfg -c 'create pool test-pool'
global# poolcfg -c 'associate pool test-pool (pset test-pset)'
global# pooladm -c
global# pooladm
global# zonecfg -z test-zone
zonecfg:test-zone> create
zonecfg:test-zone> set zonepath=/export/test-zone
zonecfg:test-zone> set autoboot=true
zonecfg:test-zone> add net
zonecfg:test-zone:net> set address=
zonecfg:test-zone:net> set physical=e1000g0
zonecfg:test-zone:net> end
zonecfg:test-zone> set pool=test-pool
zonecfg:test-zone> verify
zonecfg:test-zone> commit
zonecfg:test-zone> exit   (or ^D [Ctrl "d"])
global# zoneadm -z test-zone install
The file  contains a log of the zone installation.
global# zoneadm -z test-zone boot
global# zlogin -C test-zone
Select 0 for English
Select 4 for U.S.A. (en_US.ISO8859-1)
Select 12 for Terminal Emulator (xterms)
Enter test-zone for e1000g0:2's host name
No Kerberos
Name Service - None
Time zone - select your time zone
Password - enter anything you want

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