How to get hostid in Solaris?

9 thoughts on “How to get hostid in Solaris?

  1. Dear Experts,

    Is there a foolproof way of getting hostid on solaris sparc?
    I am asking this because i have seen Dtrace scripts on various sites which allow to change hostid. I want this because i want to tie down my application to specific host and do not want my client to re-use it on other machine just by changing hostid.


  2. Yes. To my understanding, host id is changeable. You can even change your MAC address on Sun’s SPARC systems if you want. So, I would not use these information alone for your licensing implementation. Maybe you can check out FLEXlm.

  3. is there a way to save the variable values in a shell permanently.

    I used the *export * command but after re login. it was not save.

    please help

  4. If you use bash, try to put the export command in .bashrc or.profile file in your home directory. For bourne or ksh, use .profile. For csh, use .cshrc.

    Hope this helps

  5. How to chnage the hostid in solaris 9 and its usefull, If anyone provide the solution, i will be highly appreciated.

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